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Don’t Throw away your Tech

Let us dispose of it properly

What is-Recycled

We accept all Devices

Whether it’s a TV or a Printer, we’ll find the right place to store and dispose of them. No more tossing away Devices in the Garbage or adding potentially harmful components and chemicals to the landfills and our ocean


Your device will be reused. Or recycled.

Keep the cycle going!

When you turn in your device, we’ll help you wipe all your data and then we’ll evaluate the device’s condition. If it’s in good shape, it will live another life with a new owner when turned in to the manufacturer. If it’s not, we’ll recycle it for free so that its materials can be used again.

Remember, one Man’s trash is another Man’s Treasure

Your old product could become part of your new one.

The more devices you turn in, the more materials manufacturers can incorporate into new ones. Most of the aluminum recovered from iPhonse, for example, became part of the 100% recycled aluminum enclosure of MacBook Air. Cobalt recovered from your devices' battery is used to make brand-new batteries. To maximize the practice of recycling, we also utilize several sources in the Charlotte Area. Because the more that’s reused, the less that needs to be mined from the earth.


Components can be valued in other products

In the old days, standard metals could accumulate impurities each time it’s reused. Now they can be recycled over and over again without losing the qualities that made it better to begin with. 
Example: The solder in the main motherboard of a smartphone is made with recycled tin that performs every bit as well as newly mined tin.

Release your Equipment

Print and complete this release form and whenever you can can go ahead and turn in your device whenever your free to do so.

When we receive your device, it will be thoroughly inspected to determine if it can be reused or recycled. Recycling recovers a portion of the product materials. Datasyst values your privacy by ensuring that Data is erased and the Storage Unit is dismantled before recycling. Please ensure that you have a backup of your device before Release. Under no circumstances do we provide any sort of compensation for Recycled Equipment. We also do not provide Trade-In service unless the service can be initiated by the Manufacturer. We do not purchase used equipment.